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Perennial pledge to support more in 180th year

To mark its 180th year, Perennial wants to reach more people with its tailored one-to-one support services than ever before. The Party for Perennial, now in its fifth year, kicked off activities demonstrating the sector’s support for the charity.

Over £6,000 was raised on the night from the raffle, ticket sales and sponsorship, and people in the room pledged support across major flower shows, horticulture trade events and numerous other individual and corporate fundraising activities.

Peter Newman, Perennial’s Chief Executive said: “We talk regularly to our supporters and the people who know about Perennial, but our challenge this year is to reach the people who are struggling but don’t know that Perennial is here and ready to help. Our Party for Perennial brings people together from across the wider industry, giving us the opportunity to thank them for their support, as well as making new connections and talking to more people about what we do. We have 180 years’ experience of helping people in horticulture and we are in a strong position to continue to grow and increase the help we offer.”

Source: Perennnial