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Pharmacist Support Event - Pharmacist Support Event

Pharmacist Support take pharmacist pressures to Parliament

Pharmacist Support took its market research findings, highlighting the pressures impacting pharmacists' wellbeing, to parliament for a joint event with Chemist and Druggist.

The research, conducted in May 2019, was carried out to support the development of the charity’s new five-year strategy. It included a series of in-depth, one-hour interviews and an online survey. Nearly 500 individuals responded to the online survey from a representative sample across all areas of pharmacy as well as from students, pre-registration trainees and retired pharmacists. The results revealed some concerning findings that the charity felt needed to be shared more widely.

In her speech to MPs and attendees, Chief Executive Danielle Hunt revealed that an alarming 97% of all potential service users surveyed felt they needed some form of support from the charity with issues such as stress at work, finding a work-life balance or managing their wellbeing.

Other findings included 85% of respondents identifying the impact of the funding cuts on the sector as a “core challenge” facing the profession today, followed closely by inadequate staffing (83%). For pharmacists working in a community setting, this figure is even more dramatic, with 97% of these respondents identifying budget cuts being a core challenge.

Pharmacist Support Chief Executive Danielle Hunt said, “Given the nature of these findings that have highlighted some major concerns around stress and wellbeing we have decided to launch them publicly to help raise awareness in the sector and to support the activities of many of our partners working with pharmacists.

“92% of our survey respondents agreed that ‘more needs to be done to raise awareness of issues facing the pharmacy profession’ and that Pharmacist Support should be one of the organisations helping to do this. Our event today in Parliament is our first step in proactively contributing to the crucial conversations taking place. The charity is in a unique position, gaining insight directly from pharmacists requiring support and advice. We have started to see first-hand the direct impact the core challenges are having on individuals and are keen to share our experiences in the hope it can be used to create positive change.”

In order to help bring these issues to the fore, at the parliamentary event, Pharmacist Support asked MPs and attendees to pledge their support for the charity’s #GoGreen4PS campaign. The aim of this year’s campaign (that runs from World Pharmacists Day on the 25th Sept through till 31st October) is to highlight the issues and key challenges impacting pharmacists, to raise awareness of the vital free services available via the charity and to bring the pharmacy community together to raise much needed funds to help more individuals.

Source: Pharmacist Support