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RAF Hardest Day Challenge - RAF Hardest Day Challenge

RAF Benevolent Fund’s Hardest Day Challenge

The RAF Benevolent Fund launches its 2021 Hardest Day Challenge, a fundraising initiative to commemorate the sacrifice and courage of those who risked their lives during the Battle of Britain.

The Hardest Day saw the largest number of Luftwaffe and Allied casualties in a single day throughout the entire Battle of Britain, on 18 August 1940. Known as The Few, pilots of Spitfires and Hurricanes were vastly outnumbered in the Battle which raged in the skies above Great Britain from July to October, 1940.

This summer, the RAF Benevolent Fund is inviting the public to follow in the footsteps of The Few and take on their very own Hardest Day Challenge. Whether you opt for a sponsored walk or run, or brave a sponsored abseil or rock climb, your efforts will help the RAF Benevolent Fund continue to support the RAF Family for years to come.

Personnel at RAF Waddington will be attempting a Guinness World Record for the most people taking part in a circuit training session in a single location as part of the challenge, and members of public wishing to take on this challenge can join the event remotely via YouTube.

Aaron Tillyer, RAF Benevolent Fund Community Fundraiser, said: “The bravery of those who fought in the Battle of Britain continues to inspire us today, as we work to support all RAF veterans in need. We are calling on fundraisers to pay tribute to their sacrifice by completing their personal Hardest Day challenge. You could even become a Guinness World Record holder!”

To find out more about the Hardest Day Challenge and to sign up, go to To learn more about the Battle of Britain, visit

Source: RAF Benevolent Fund