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Royal Society of Muscians launch webinar series

The Royal Society of Musicians (RSM) has launched a Healthy Practice Webinar Series throughout 2021 in partnership with the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine.

Following the success of their Fit to Play, Mental Health and Return to Work Webinar, RSM are delighted to announce the launch of their Healthy Practice Webinar Series for 2021. Run in partnership with BAPAM, this series features 12 focussed webinars, each dealing with specific topics that can affect musicians during their careers.

Late last year RSM ran their first Healthy Practice webinars to help musicians feeling daunted by both the physical and psychological challenges of getting back to performing after a 6-month break. This session outlined risk factors and key strategies to sustain good physical health, mental health and wellbeing throughout a long and healthy career and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinars also explored how COVID-19 has impacted performing artists, how to calculate and manage your personal COVID risk and how to navigate your return to work based on the current guidance.

Source: Royal Society of Musicians