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Last updated March 2018


The ACO is a representative organisation for its members, We support benevolent charities with information, and provide a collective voice in the discussions taking place in government, industry and society relating to our members' work.


Corporate Members

Corporate members help fund our work, and provide support to our members in their fields of expertise.

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Read our latest publications relating to the benevolent charity sector and the work of our members

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The ACO represents members interests relating to current matters including government planning and policy. Our considered position on such matters is available here.

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Charities have to keep up with a broad range of policy and legislative changes. We update members every month on changes that affect organisations that help people in need through our newsletter Charity News Review and regular updates to our knowledge website Benepedia.

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ACO research has shown how much ACO member organisations are changing. They have reviewed their resources and developed exciting new strategies and programmes of giving that put them at the cutting edge of good practice in grant making and support services to needy people.

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Member Surveys

ACO surveys members four times a year to gain insight into member needs, benchmark and ask about areas of interest to the sector. We then report back to the membership in Charity News Review and in Reports posted here.

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