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Last updated March 2021

Russell-Cooke LLP


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In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, Russell-Cooke can help ACO members with all your legal and governance needs. Our charity and social business team focuses exclusively on advising charities and other not-for-profit organisations and has particular experience advising benevolent organisations, including many ACO members. We will deliver practical and proportionate advice that is tailored to your requirements and you are welcome to attend our seminars on topical legal and governance issues, which are free to ACO members. Whether you need a quick answer to a question or detailed advice, please get in touch.

Contact Andrew Studd on 020 8394 6414 or


Charity Seminars brochure to view & download

Icon Russell-Cooke Charity Seminars-November 2018

General Information

A leaflet detailing the Charity & Social Business Seminars being held in Central London by Russell-Cooke, Solicitors during November 2018.

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