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St Martins - St Martins

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Charity launch new report

The charity's 'The Frontline Network' has announced the launch of the 'Frontline Worker Survey 2019: Full Report'.

This report highlights the significant challenges facing people experiencing homelessness, and the many hurdles frontline workers must overcome to prevent homelessness.

Despite the daily innovation and strong resolve of frontline workers, this report’s feedback represents a harsh reminder of the difficulties people experiencing homelessness face in accessing accommodation – with all types of accommodation being viewed as more difficult to access, compared with last year’s figures.

Frontline workers describe how it has become harder to access specialist support, and that accessing welfare and financial support has become much harder, with Universal Credit (UC) being cited as a major factor.

In the 2019 Frontline Worker Survey, the charity asked forty-nine questions; primarily looking at how access to accommodation and specialist support services have changed over the last year on the frontline. They asked questions which reflect priority areas, such as frontline worker wellbeing, Universal Credit, and the EU Settlement Scheme.

Source: St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity