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Sullivan’s Heroes and Teaching Staff Trust partnership

ACO member the Teaching Staff Trust has been working with Sullivan’s Heroes to provide funding towards home adaptations for children who are severely disabled and whose parents are eligible to apply to their charity. The charity have been able to provide the last bits of funding to ensure that adaptations can be completed, knowing that all other possible funding has already been achieved with support from Sullivan’s Heroes. 

Sullivan’s Heroes charity provides fundraising support and financial assistance for families funding vital home adaptations for a disabled child. The charity helps throughout the UK where project costs exceed a local authority Disabled Facilities Grant awarded to the child, and funds cannot be met elsewhere.

Sullivan’s Heroes enables adaptations to be made to meet the children’s care needs, creating the optimal environment for disabled children to live safely and with dignity at home, improving their quality of life within their home environment.  

The charity facilitates funds to be raised to adapt a disabled child's home to meet their care and health requirements safely and securely by providing space for access, mobility and lifting equipment, so the child can continue to live in their home within their family environment, being cared for by their parents and carers, without needing admission to a care home or medical facility.

Projects include house extensions, wet rooms, ceiling hoists, wheelchair lifts, internal wheelchair accessible living facilities plus internal and external wheelchair ramps and access points.  The projects provide improved living spaces and safe environments to care for the child, whilst enabling the maximum amount of independence possible to be achieved for them within their home – improving access to their world around them and creating a spacious, secure and relaxed environment where the child can be happy, stimulated and safe within their own home.

Each project supported has been approved and authorised by the child’s medical team and the local council authority providing the Disabled Facilities Grant. Most of the projects supported are requiring funds to be raised of between £25,000 to £40,000 above the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded to undertake the planned and authorised works.

Sullivan’s Heroes liaises with external organisations and charities to assist funding these projects and has been delighted to work alongside Teaching Staff Trust recently who have generously supported several projects, where the child’s parents have worked within the educational sector.

“Receiving funding from charities such as Teaching Staff Trust is life-changing for the children we are supporting – helping their families reach their targets sooner and bringing about these essential adaptations as soon as possible to relieve the everyday stresses and dangers faced when caring for a disabled child”. Fiona Smith, Sullivan’s Heroes Co-Founder and Trustee.

To find out more about the charity visit: or contact

Or to view completed adaptations projects which the charity has supported, visit: