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Last updated June 2017

The chief executive's blog

Our Chief Executive writes on the important issues of the day concerning ACO members

Recent blogs

  • La La Land - Still from the motion picture
    La La Land

    As Brexit and the Trump era loom large, Dominic Fox examines wealth and philanthropy in the new world order.

  • Is This What It’s Going to Be Like? - A porttrait of Donald Trump looking serious
    Is This What It’s Going to Be Like?

    Dominic Fox discusses the fallout from controversies around the US presidential candidates’ charitable foundations.

  • Poverty - Pensioner's hand holding a collection of British coins
    UK Poverty

    Dominic Fox discusses tidal changes in the approach to social justice and practical campaigns to help those living in poverty.

  • The World Transformed - President Vladimir Putin meets Pope Francis
    The world transformed

    Dominic Fox considers whether empathy and expertise are missing in the current political climate, both in the UK and the US.

  • A Leap in the dark - A nighttime view of the London skyline
    A Leap in the dark

    Taking sides: poverty and inequality lead to political unrest.

  • Situation Vacant - John Lydon during filming for a butter commercial
    Situation (Pretty) Vacant

    Recent departures at the top of charitable organisations leave big gaps to be filled, says Dominic Fox.

  • An Inspector Calls - Montage of baordroom image and Perer Sellers as Inspector Clouseau
    An Inspector Calls

    Attempts to tackle corruption and fraud may have unexpected consequences for charities.

  • The Dog that Didn’t Bark - Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson look surprised
    The Dog that Didn’t Bark

    In the light of the Whittingdale scandal, can charities rely on IPSO to represent them fairly?

  • The Tower of Babel - A pair of blueboxing gloves, one with the EU flag and the other with the UK Union flag
    The Tower of Babel

    Turmoil in the government leads to uncertainty over benefits for the disabled and uncertainty over Brexit for referendum voters

  • The Garden of Earthly Delights - Detail from the painting by Hieronymous Bosch
    Earthly Delights

    Dominic Fox discusses the impact of social changes on people from the Greatest Generation to the new Generation Z

  • I, Robot - Daleks from the BBC TV series Dr Who
    I, Robot

    In a world where 65 people seem to own most of the planet, Dominic Fox considers some radical alternatives to income and work inequality

  • The Golden Chain - Woman studies a wall board covered with photos of A-Quaeda members
    The Golden Chain

    As hundreds of new charities pop up around conflict zones, charities must think carefully about where how they make funding decisions.

  • How the other half lives - Richard Branson sprays a bottle of champagne across the nose of a new private jet
    How the Other Half Lives

    Dominic Fox joins the dots between the recession, oil prices, and the psychological suffering of the very rich.

  • Suffer the little children - An angry child
    Suffer the little children

    Dominic Fox looks at the plight of the British pub-goer, and the serious impact of welfare cuts on child poverty

  • Unintended Consequences - Closeup of nurse fanning out a small wad of banknotes
    The Invisible Hand

    Dominic Fox explains the good and bad news about workers' pay rising to meet the living wage, as politicians fight it out to prove who thought of it first.

  • Crisis? What crisis? - Oxfam street fundraiser approaching two shoppers
    Crisis? What crisis?

    Dominic Fox weighs the need for fundraising activities against maintaining the goodwill of the British public. As heated discussion surrounds comments from the fundraising regulatory body, what's the best approach for charities?

  • The Women of Algiers - Pcasso's painting being auctioned at Christie's in New York
    Mystery of Picasso

    Dominic Fox discusses the connection between multi-million dollar paintings and income inequality. Are the real victims the top 10%?

  • The Columnist Manifesto - The painting 'Chairing the Member' by William Hogarth
    The Columnist Manifesto

    Dominic Fox considers the outcome of the General Election – but does not tell you how to vote.

  • The Big Sleep - Man ying on pavement asleep
    The Big Sleep

    Dominic Fox raises concerns about an epidemic of sleepwalking, affecting unfortunate villagers in Kazakhstan - and UK voters

  • Keep the Safety Net - A blue safety net in a childrens playground
    Safety net reprived

    Dominic Fox, discusses the reprive of local welfare provision funding and how it will be managed.

  • The hearty shake of the filthy hand - Russell Brand holding a skull and looking thoughtful
    The Filthy Hand

    Dominic Fox considers the differences between Russell Brand and a bench of Bishops

  • Matter of life or death - Asterod impact on the earth's surface, as seen from space
    A Matter of Life or Death

    Dominic Fox, ACO chief Executive ponders some of the challenges facing us in 2015

  • Scottish Independence - A young man standing on the walls of a Scottish castle holding onto the Scottish flag
    Blogs 2014

    An archive of the year's editorial comments from our chief executive, drawing attention to charity related issues of the day. These include the erosion of the charity sector, new marketing strategies to raise awareness, legislation limiting campaigning, and of course, the ever present threat of financial meltdown.

  • Chilling With Dave - David Cameron looking worried
    Blogs 2013

    Archive of Blogs for the year

  • The Year Of The Dragon - Illustration of the year in numerals crafted from folded paper in bright colours
    Blogs 2012

    Archive of Blogs for the year

  • Misunderstood and unheralded - Photo of woman with umbrella looking towards a rainbow
    Blogs 2011

    Archive of Blogs for the year