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The Crafty Vet Project

Vetlife are encouraging the veterinary community to discover their creative side with The Crafty Vet Project, and to discover the mental health benefits of crafting.

Vet nurse Sarah discovered the mental health benefits of crafting whilst working towards her diploma, when her stress was at an all-time high. She was gifted a cross stitch kit from her mother as a way of de-stressing.

Sarah, and fellow Vet Nurse and crafting advocate Zoe, have set up The Crafty Vet Project to encourage others in the profession to take up crafting, not only as a hobby, but also as a tool for relaxation.

Having seen and experienced first-hand the issue of stress within the veterinary profession, Sarah was keen to support Vetlife through her brand by donating £3 from the sale of each kit to Vetlife.

The Crafty Vet Project kits range from cross stitch and crochet, to colouring and calligraphy. There are also more unconventional craft kits, such as beers and bath bombs, cheeses (including vegan cheese) and soaps.

Source: Vetlife