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Turn2us fights to end Appliance Poverty

Turn2us are working on their latest campaign, #LivingWithout, which aims to get a fridge, freezer, washing machine and cooker in every home.

Turn2us is a national anti-poverty charity providing practical help to people struggling with money. Their latest research has discovered hundreds of thousands of people are living in homes without essential goods. As a result they are facing a huge poverty premium of living without, spending thousands more every year on using a laundrette or getting take-away food instead of owning a washing machine and cooker.

There are also emotional and physical consequences of living without. Turn2us spoke to countless parents who feel like ‘failures’ because they can’t cook their children a hot meal or they tell stories of how their children are being bullied for wearing unwashed clothes.

Turn2us are working with other grant giving charities, housing associations and policy makers to develop solutions to these problems. If you want to get involved, please email

Source: Turn2us