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Updated eligibility guidance for DBS checks

Updated guides to help you identify the types of work eligible for an enhanced DBS check in each of the workforces. The Disclosure and Barring Service have provided an updated series of guidance that will help you work out whether you can legally request a standard DBS check for potential or existing staff.

It is important to make sure that the law allows a DBS application to be submitted. As an employer or regulator, and as a registered body, you have a legal responsibility to make sure you can submit applications. You also have a duty to know what parts of legislation support each application in case DBS need you to explain why eligibility exists.

Decisions on when and if to request a DBS check are for the employer or regulator to make based on what the law allows. This means considering the activities being carried out by the post-holder and if they are eligible for DBS checks. DBS provides an electronic eligibility tool which can help you with this.

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