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Workplace Wellbeing

ABS is committed to speaking openly about mental health issues and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing for those in the architectural community. In addition to practical support provided through their partnership with Anxiety UK, ABS is collaborating with RIBA on a pilot scheme to deliver wellbeing workshops in various locations, hosted by practices and delivered by presenters with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field.

The aim is to raise awareness around mental wellbeing, providing businesses and practitioners with tools, information and best practice guidelines around implementing positive wellbeing in the workplace. Workshops have already taken place in Bristol, Manchester and Nottingham and have been very well received so far.

Although there is a lot of media coverage about promoting positive mental health, showing a move towards reducing the stigma attached to mental health issues, there is a long way to go, not least in supporting people effectively in the workplace. This is not specific to architecture, but the vulnerability of the architectural professions and widespread long hours culture, which may be compounded by issues outside of work, can impact significantly on mental wellbeing.

Source: ABS