Member Spotlight: Scotscare announces merger with Borderline

Read April’s member spotlight highlighting Borderline and ScotsCare charities merging to better support disadvantaged Scots in London.

Borderline and ScotsCare charities merge to better support disadvantaged Scots in London

The charities ScotsCare and Borderline have announced their merger, effective 1st April 2023.

The organisations already share staff, resources, and office space, so there will be no job losses, changes in location or any
interruption to services. The charity will operate under the name of ScotsCare, and homelessness support will become a
service of ScotsCare, alongside its’ other services.

Chief Executive of ScotsCare Shona Fleming said “Given the charities close working relationship the merger creates an
economic, effective, and efficient ‘one-stop shop’ of client-focused services for Scots in need across London. It’s about
creating one charity with a clear message to reach and support those Scots who need us.”

ScotsCare is the trading name of The Scottish Hospital of the Foundation of King Charles II, also known as the Royal Scottish
Corporation and was founded over 400 years ago. The charity provides services including financial grants, advocacy,
psychotherapy, sheltered housing, befriending and social events to Scots and the children of Scots within a 35 mile radius of
Charing Cross. It’s mission is to break the cycle of deprivation experienced by generation after generation of Scots through
needs led support services.

Borderline was formed in 1990 to continue the work of its predecessor, The Church of Scotland London Advisory Service
(COSLAS). The charity works with Scots who are rough sleeping, those who are insecurely housed and those at risk of
homelessness to provide support and secure accommodation that enables their clients to move away from life on the streets.
Trustees from both charities will form one board. Shona Fleming, previously Chief Executive of both charities, will remain as
Chief Executive of ScotsCare.

James Chestnut, Chairman of ScotsCare said, “This is an important step to merge two charities that have worked closely
together for many years in order to provide the best possible support to Scots in London.”

Jessica Cadzow-Collins, former Chairman of Borderline and now ScotsCare trustee said: “The merger serves to strengthen
the provision of support to homeless Scots, enabling them to lead a healthy independent life away from the streets.”


For more information on ScotsCare visit or contact or 0207 240 3718.