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Founded in 1946, ACO is the UK’s umbrella body for benevolent funds and charitable organisations that provide financial and wellbeing services to individuals.

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ACO enables members to benefit from the collective expertise, experience and resources of benevolent/grant-making charities across our network to address common issues and develop shared solutions.

We do this through a coordinated programme of knowledge sharing, learning and benchmarking opportunities throughout the year.

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ACO is the membership body for benevolent and grant-making charities that provide financial and well-being support to individuals.

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What are benevolent charities?

Benevolent charities are organisations that provide financial and well-being support to individuals and families facing difficult circumstances.

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Our Members

Our Membership Directory enables you to access information about all our charity members across the ACO network.

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Our friendly and approachable team is always available to help with support for your charity, listen to your issues and challenges and provide/signpost to sources of advice and assistance where appropriate.

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ACO is a registered charity and is managed by a board of trustees comprising both ACO members and individuals with experience in the wider charity sector

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Special Interest Groups

ACO runs several special interest groups that meet regularly to allow members to discuss common issues and challenges within their charities.

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Our Partners

ACO partners with suppliers who provide a range of specialist products and services to the charity sector. Use the search below to find specific providers.

For more information about becoming an ACO Partner please contact Donal Watkin (Chief Executive) donal@aco.uk.net

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