Free Cyber Essentials from Softwerx

Cybersecurity experts Softwerx offer free Cyber Essentials to their customers to help ‘beat the breach’

Cybercrime is on the rise and businesses that are successfully breached are generally losing between £300K and £500K. The impact on the business often goes beyond just the immediate financial damage. Reputational damage can be far more significant and at worse, irreversible.

Softwerx are a leading Microsoft Cloud Security specialist based in Cambridge. Their mission is to help educate, support, and protect their international and local clients from cybercrime. The aim of this special offer is to help bring all their customers up to at least a very basic level of security with these three offers:

1. A FREE Cyber Essentials certification

2. A FREE comprehensive Microsoft Security Assessment for your organisation

3. A FREE Website Vulnerability Scan

The most basic level of cybersecurity awareness and accreditation is a Cyber Essentials certification as endorsed by the UK Government. For all Softwerx’s customers that wish to achieve a Cyber Essentials accreditation – Softwerx will pay for the certification.

As David Smart, Managing Director of Softwerx comments, “If your business does not have at the very least a basic Cyber Essentials certification in place, you are effectively ‘not at the races’. This poses a big risk from our perspective as well as from a supplier, customer, business insurance and also a potential hacker’s perspective.”

In addition to free Cyber Essentials certification, Softwerx are also offering all existing customers a free external Vulnerability Scan of their website. Through this scan, your business will be provided with a comprehensive report showing green, amber and red alerts. This can be used either internally to approve funding, or externally with your website agency to improve security. Softwerx has never run a Vulnerability Scan that has not picked up at least a handful of amber vulnerabilities and most have one or two major (red) vulnerabilities.

Finally, Softwerx are offering all their customers a free basic Microsoft Security Assessment which is normally charged at a starting price of £1,500. In this expert assessment, you will meet with a qualified Microsoft Security Consultant. The consultant will help you clarify your current security profile, identify any key weaknesses and make recommendations.

Book your Microsoft Security Assessment here or contact Softwerx on to take them up on the offers to ensure your organisation will ‘beat the breach’.