ACO: Salary Benchmarking & Working Patterns Survey

Our 2024 Salary Benchmarking and Working Patterns Report identifies anticipated pay awards, remuneration levels, employee benefits and working patterns across a range of charities and benevolent funds.

ACO launches 2024 Salary Benchmarking and Working Patterns Report

ACO is delighted to launch its 2024 Salary Benchmarking and Working Patterns Report. Drawing data from a diverse range of charities that that provide financial and wellbeing support to individuals, the report provides a fascinating snapshot of current remuneration/employee benefits and working patterns.

Contributing organisations include occupational, poverty relief, and regional charities across England and Scotland.

Key data/findings includes:

  • 2024 pay award intentions
  • Comparative remuneration:
  • CEO roles
  • Senior Management roles
  • Manager roles
  • Officers (including Case Worker/Welfare Officers)
  • Employee Benefits benchmarking
  • Working Patterns findings (including office based/hybrid/remote data)

Donal Watkin (Chief Executive, ACO) states: “This report provides an invaluable platform for charities that provide financial and well-being support to individuals to benchmark and assess whether their current salary, benefits and working patterns remain competitive. This is particularly relevant when employers face an increasingly challenging candidate marketplace where there is an increasing premium place on work/life balance and flexibility.

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