Charis Grants

Charis was launched in 2003 – with a simple purpose to support those in hardship.

We have come a long way since then and are now the go-to administrator for many essential funds and grants on behalf of major organisations, authorities and charities. Each year we process over 200,000 applications and provide over £50 million worth of support to vulnerable individuals.

We are proud of the positive outcomes we make in people’s lives. As a family owned organisation that has been supporting vulnerable customers and households for nearly two decades we understand the challenges that families across Britain face. And we also understand the challenge that national and local charities and authorities face in getting help to people when they need it.

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A full list of open schemes managed by Charis can be found on our website where you will find out how to apply for Warm Home Discount, energy-debt write off, and white goods as well as other help. We supply all the important criteria to help customers make a successful application. If anyone need any additional support our customer service team is available to answer any questions and help them through your application process.

Charis also has an Online Shop used by organisations across Britain to give crisis and urgent support such as emergency energy vouchers to individuals and families. If you are wanting to resolve some of the most immediate needs of your customers, please find more information on our website.

Public phone: 01733 421021


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