Guest Article: Delivering support with FFBS

We spoke to our partners Family Fund Business Services (FFBS), who co-sponsored our recent annual conference, about how they can support delivering services for the people you support.

As co-sponsors of the recent ACO conference, we spent an informative day learning about the challenging climate for charitable organisations nationwide. Clearly the cost of living crisis is a high priority for all benevolent organisations and it is now more important than ever to distribute sustainable support to beneficiaries. As collaboration was one of the key themes of the day, we wanted to offer some further information on how our services can ease some of the administrative burdens of distributing support.

A blended approach

Immediate support is often required when beneficiaries seek help and we absolutely understand the urgency of delivering help to those in need quickly. However we believe a blended approach of delivering short-term solutions such as cash or vouchers in addition to long-term solutions, including physical goods, is the only way that grant-giving organisations can support the whole spectrum of their beneficiaries’ needs. That’s why we offer a diverse range of energy vouchers, food vouchers, cash-out services and prepayment cards alongside our ability to deliver white goods, furniture and household items with speed and efficiency.  The grant of an energy-efficient appliance, or items to help keep a house warm, can reduce energy bills and decrease the likelihood of beneficiaries entering a cycle of repeatedly applying for short-term cash and voucher requirements to meet their living costs.

The service we offer

At Family Fund Business Services we work with national and local grant-giving charities to deliver critical support across the UK. As a wholly owned subsidiary of a grant-making charity ourselves, we understand your needs and work hard to make grant administration cost-effective, simple and efficient. You can order items directly from our bespoke easy-to-use portal, with a wide range of choice and cost-efficient options. We then arrange delivery directly with the beneficiaries, saving you time and admin, while also removing any old or broken items, and arranging extended warranties to give you peace of mind.

A representative of The Royal British Legion, one of our charity customers, said: “We have worked with FFBS for some time now. We initially brought them on board to improve our crisis support abilities during Covid. Their straightforward ordering portal and the types of products they can offer, gives our case officers the flexibility they need when dealing with the varying circumstances of those we support.”

Our network of established suppliers means we can source the goods and services beneficiaries need in a cost effective manner, which saves you money. The simplicity of the solution with a single account, managed by one Account Manager who will work with you collaboratively to understand the specific needs of your beneficiaries, will also save you time. One invoice, one point of contact and one shared ambition – to deliver the right support to those who need it, when they need it.

To discover how FFBS can help you, please contact today. We could be making your funding go further than you expect, sooner than you expect.