Guest Article: Energy bill support with C Supplies energy vouchers

Are you a charity looking to support beneficiaries with their energy bills?

With the unprecedented rise in energy prices, C Supplies has been looking at ways to help you quickly deliver support to households who need it the most. We’ve recently launched our energy vouchers, making the process of distributing financial help for energy bills as simple, speedy, and secure as possible.

The energy price crisis

The energy price cap – the maximum amount suppliers can charge customers in England, Scotland, and Wales – will go up again in October, and energy regulator Ofgem has now stated that their earlier prediction of a “typical household increase of £800 a year”, is likely to be higher.

According to the National Energy Action charity, “Millions will simply not be able to heat their homes this winter” and with many people unable to cover the increase in bills, we understand how crucial charity support will be to many households across the UK in the months ahead.

That’s why we have launched our energy vouchers – to facilitate the quick, convenient, and secure distribution of energy credits to your beneficiaries when they need it the most.

Distributing speedy and secure support

Once you are set up on our system as a customer, it’s as easy as placing your order online and for speed and simplicity, our energy vouchers are sent by SMS to the mobile number of the recipient. All we need from you is their name and mobile number, and we will then send the voucher directly to your beneficiary’s phone.

The voucher is valid for 30 days and can be used to top-up a key meter or card meter, or to make a payment towards an energy bill (provided that the bill contains a barcode for over the counter payments).

The voucher can be used in store at any PayPoint location and includes a link to help beneficiaries find the nearest PayPoint store. With over 28,000 locations across the UK, the PayPoint network is bigger than all of the banks, Post Offices and supermarkets combined, to make access as convenient as possible.

As C Supplies CEO Tony Bates said,

“Supporting households with the rise in energy costs is a very real challenge. We have decades of experience helping charities and grant-giving organisations deliver practical support to their beneficiaries, whether through the provision of furniture, white goods, clothing, or e-vouchers, and with fuel poverty set to grow this Winter, energy vouchers are a secure way of making the delivery of financial support as easy as possible. Our aim is to always help charities to help others when they need it the most, and energy vouchers are a hassle-free way to distribute that support”.

Further information

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