WRS Insurance Brokers: What insurance does a charity need?

Read about how your charity can find the best Charity Insurance for your individual needs.

What insurance does a charity need?

When it comes to charity Insurance, WRS Insurance Broker’s experience has taught them that one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Every charity and not-for-profit organisation face their own unique risks.

This is why, at WRS, they’re passionate about offering specialist advice and support to help ensure your organisation has the tailored insurance protection and reassurance you need to enable you to get on with making a positive impact.

Helping you find the best Charity Insurance for your needs

No matter how big or small your charity is or what your day-to-day activities involve, it’s almost certain WRS have helped an organisation like yours.  What charity insurance you need depends on what your organisation does and how it operates. Let’s take a look at some key types of cover:

  • Public Liability Insurance (PL Insurance) – If dealing with the public, maybe through a gathering or a visitation, PL insurance can pay for your legal costs and covers any compensation you owe in the case of an accident that’s occurred or damage to someone’s property i.e., their laptop
  • Event Insurance – Public Liability can cover your event however some policies have limits on how many people can attend, and what your event can involve. This is where event insurance can help.
  • Employer’s Liability (EL Insurance) – Whether it’s an employee, volunteer or somebody who’s there for work experience, EL Insurance covers both them and you if they were injured or made ill by working for your charity
  • Trustee Indemnity InsuranceThis insurance helps you pay for legal defence and compensation in civil cases. As a Trustee, you can be held personally liable if there’s a legal claim against your charity for any sort of wrongdoing.
  • Cyber Insurance – In a case of a malicious link or cyber criminals who breach your IT systems, this helps by providing the expertise to restore your systems and your IT running again. This will also cover the income lost during this time.
  • Motor Insurance – This can be for single vans or minibuses to mini-fleets with multiple vehicles and can include additional covers such as breakdown cover.


WRS understands that the pressure on your budgets is now likely to be tougher than ever. As an independent charity insurance broker, they will work with you to find the best possible insurance package for your needs, from the country’s leading charity insurers. WRS is currently offering a free, no-obligation review of your insurance. Please visit https://bit.ly/association-of-charitable-organisations-enquiry to register.


Why choose WRS?

  • Team of dedicated and highly experienced charity insurance experts
  • Client base of over 1200 diverse charities
  • Face-to-face visits and risk management support
  • Access to all major UK insurers, ensuring you get the very best cover and price
  • Unique philanthropic business model dedicated to serving the charity sector

Additional added value

  • Fundraising support – such as fundraising plans, researching donors and funders, making grant applications
  • Ethical investments – they also have an ethical investment business for charities, EdenTree within their Group of companies
  • Charity risk management advice and articles


WRS Insurance Brokers are proudly part of the Benefact Group, which is owned by one of the UK’s leading grant-making charities, the Benefact Trust.

Benefact Group is a diverse family of specialist financial services businesses, driven by their shared ambition to do right by their customers and united by a common purpose to give all available profits to charity and good causes.

They have donated over £100 million since 2016. Giving their profits to good causes means they are motivated by something far greater than the need to satisfy shareholders’ returns, allowing a focus on the highest levels of customer service.


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