Charity Chats webinars with Quilter Cheviot

As part of Quilter Cheviot’s educational programme for charities, they have created a series of informative webinars and short videos, designed to provide insights and knowledge on topics affecting the sector.

Charity Chats with Quilter Cheviot

Topics affecting the sector:

Charity Chats: Reflections of 2022 and thoughts for 2023 | Quilter Cheviot

Charity Chats: Financial Reporting – are charity accounts useful? | Quilter Cheviot

Charity Chats: Should trustees be paid? | Quilter Cheviot

Charity Chats: Founder syndrome and trustee motivations | Quilter Cheviot

Charity Chats: How well are charities served in parliament? | Quilter Cheviot

Charity Chats: Ethical investments – is this a “momentous” new judgment? | Quilter Cheviot

Charity Chats: Too many charities – what does the future hold? | Quilter Cheviot

Charity Chats: Cybercrime, fraud and social media | Quilter Cheviot

 Charity Chats: Multi-funder challenges and unleashing the power of civil society | Quilter Cheviot

Charity Chats: Is this the Victor Meldrew moment for the sector? | Quilter Cheviot

Charity Chats: Trust, kindness and the weaponisation of the Charity Commission | Quilter Cheviot

Charity Chats: HMRC’s charity tax consultation – a sledgehammer to crack a nut? | Quilter Cheviot

Charity Chats: Charities – fatally flawed or perfectly imperfect? | Quilter Cheviot

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