Helping Individuals in Need: A guide to good practice for charities

This toolkit is intended for those running a charity that gives grants to individuals in need.

Authored by Caroline Aldred and Clementine Cowl, the idea for this guide came out of the questions that arise frequently at ACO meetings such as ‘our trustees want to offer loans to applicants, but can we do this and what are the legal implications?’ or ‘how should we manage home visits?’ We hope that this guide will assist in finding answers to these questions.

A charity’s objectives may be to help members of a particular profession or professional body, residents of a particular geographical area or community or employees of specific employers. There are often challenging decisions to be made about who a charity will help and who falls outside the charity’s scope. There are some important obligations that apply to all charities, such as safeguarding and data protection.

A clear understanding of the charity’s grant-giving and other charitable activities and its legal obligations, is vital for those with responsibility for running the organisation to ensure the charity is complying fully with charity law and charity best practice as recommended by the Charity Commission.

“If you want to know more about the work of ACO and its members, you will do well to start by reading this book.”

ACO is grateful to CCLA for supporting this publication.

Helping Individuals in Need: A guide to good practice for charities

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