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Welcome to the ACO

The Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) is the national UK umbrella body for Trusts and Foundations that give grants and welfare support to individuals in need.

The funds managed by ACO members are discretionary, and seek to compliment and enhance welfare support provided by local and central government. Our members operate in the UK and across the globe. Over the last few years many funds have reviewed their operations, researching patterns of need and developing more strategic programmes of assistance.
ACO provides support to its members through:

  • Networking: building peer networks providing opportunities for members to share, and get advice and support;
  • Raising standards: promoting good practice, tackling problems together and offering solutions;
  • Lobbying and campaigning: giving our members a voice by responding to government consultations and raising awareness about the work of our member organisations;
  • Information; providing members with up to date information tailored to their specific interests through a monthly newsletter, policy briefings;
  • On line services: such as websites and member forums proving opportunities to seek and share advice and experience.

The Association of Charitable Organisations

Acorn House, 2nd Floor, 314-320 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8PD

Tel: 020 7255 4480  Fax: 020 7255 4496  Email:

Registered Charity No: 1118605   Company No: 6113479

Founded in 1946

Latest News

May 2014

ACO Spring Conference 2014

These are hard times for trusts and foundations helping individuals in need. Crisis follows crisis. Rising personal debt, flooding and reductions in State benefits are eroding beneficiaries’ ability to cope. Funds are facing a double whammy with rising levels of demand and volatile market performance, potentially eroding the growth in income needed to fund your work. This ACO conference aimed to build your resilience and ensure you get maximum bang for your buck. more

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