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Icon Welcome to the ACO

The funds managed by ACO members are discretionary, and seek to compliment and enhance welfare support provided by local and central government. Our members operate in the UK and across the globe. Over the last few years many funds have reviewed their operations, researching patterns of need and developing more strategic programmes of assistance.

ACO provides support to its members through:

  • Networking: building peer networks providing opportunities for members to share, and get advice and support;
  • Raising standards: promoting good practice, tackling problems together and offering solutions;
  • Lobbying and campaigning: giving our members a voice by responding to government consultations and raising awareness about the work of our member organisations;
  • Information; providing members with up to date information tailored to their specific interests through a monthly newsletter, policy briefings;
  • On line services: such as websites and member forums proving opportunities to seek and share advice and experience.
ACO Events in 2015 - ACO is holding two major events this year.

The ACO Annual conference will take place on Friday 19th June at One Moorgate Place in the City of London. Our theme will be the world after the general election. We are grateful to our sponsors Rathbones and CABA for supporting this event.

Charity Masterclass Case Insurance and ACO are organising a Charity Masterclass at Bates Wells Braithwaite's sparkling new office in the City of London on 6th July 2015. ACO is grateful to Case Insurance and BWB for supporting this event. More details soon!

The ACO Autumn Summit will take place on Thursday 17th September at Queen Victoria Street, London EC4. We are grateful to Newton for supporting this event.

Grant Making Forum North and Under Fives meetings will be held on 26th March, 4th June, 1st October and 10th December. Venues and speakers to be confirmed. At present all meetings are planned to be held at Pharmacist Support, 5th Floor, 196 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3WF. However it is asked if anyone wishes to host a meeting they are more than welcome. We are grateful to Pharmacist Support for supporting these events.

Grant Making Forum South  and Under Fives will be held on Thursday 5th Feb, Tuesday 14th April, Tuesday 13th Oct, and Thursday 3rd December. All meetings will take place at British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS. We are grateful to BDA Benevolent Fund for supporting these events.

Icon Our Corporate Members

C Hoare & Co
CaSE Insurance
Connect Assist
Co-Operative Electrical
Eddie Green Graphic Design
HSF Health Plan
Investec Wealth & Investment
Kingston Smith LLP
Law Express
Newton Investments
Ruffer LLP
Russell-Cooke LLP
Wilsons Law LLP