How we help

ACO is the umbrella membership body for benevolent charities and grant-makers to individuals. We encourage knowledge sharing, collaboration and best practice across our network.

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Stronger together

This means that you are never far from a like-minded colleague who has faced similar challenges and can share their experience and learnings.

What We Do

ACO enables members to benefit from the collective expertise, experience and resources of benevolent/grant-making charities across our network to address common issues and develop shared solutions.

We do this through a coordinated programme of knowledge sharing, learning and benchmarking opportunities throughout the year.

What are benevolent charities?

Benevolent charities are organisations that provide financial and well-being support to individuals and families facing difficult circumstances.

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ACO regularly campaigns to raise awareness of the work of benevolent charities amongst both the general public and the wider charity sector.

We also collaborate on wider charity sector campaigns where these impact our members and the beneficiaries they support.

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