ACO Annual Conference 2023: 27th September

The ACO Annual Conference, held on 27th September- Embracing Change: How Innovation is Transforming Financial and Well-being Support showcased a wide range of topics relating to charities that provide well-being and financial support to individuals. We have shared presentations and links to photos on this page.

Embracing Change: How Innovation is Transforming Financial and Well-being Support.

We want to extend our appreciation for your participation in the ACO Annual Conference 2023. Your presence and active engagement made this event a resounding success!

Here’s a brief recap of the day:

Morning Session:

  • 9.30am: The day started with an introduction by Donal Watkin, Chief Executive of ACO, setting the stage for an exciting day ahead.
  • 9.45am: We’d like to thank Emma Moffat, Investment Analyst at Evelyn Partners, for her warm welcome and sponsorship.
  • 10.10am: The panel discussion on “Navigating Change: Will Digital Innovation Reshape the Charity Sector?” was a thought-provoking session led by Jonathan Chevalier, Chief Executive of Charity Digital, and featuring industry leaders Ren Yi Hooi, Jodie Gill, Isobel Thomas, and Alison Davies.

Midday Session:

  • 11.20am: Our breakout session on “Current Issues in Financial and Well-being Support” provided valuable insights and knowledge sharing through table discussions and feedback.
  • 12.00pm: The Power of Data session, with David Locke, sharing news on the newly formed Finance Forum and Tania Cohen, highlighted the importance of transparency and best practices in our sector.

Afternoon Session:

  • 1.30pm: The Collaboration Spotlight session, featuring Manjeev Muker, Anne-Marie Bancroft, Jo Grant, Kari Gerstheimer, Joe Howes, and Alison Wyman, emphasized the significance of fostering partnerships and building relationships.
  • 2.30pm: “Navigating Tomorrow: Evolving Financial and Well-being Support” was an eye-opening session led by Sarah Davies, Sarah McLoughlin, and Jules Tompkins. Both presentations highlighted major transformation within their organisations.
  • 3.10pm: After another short break, we dove into “The New Normal: How Charities are adapting to a flexible working culture,” moderated by Donal Watkin and featuring Jane Petit, Flavia Gapper, and Stuart Milliner.
  • 4.05pm: We wrapped up the day with closing remarks and a short break.
  • 4.20pm: The grand finale was the ACO Annual Awards 2023, celebrating the outstanding contributions of charities and individuals in our community- congratulations to all our winners.
  • 5.00pm: We concluded the event with a drinks reception, allowing attendees to network and unwind.


Once again, thank you for being a part of this year’s ACO Annual Conference. Your participation and enthusiasm contributed to making this event a success. We hope you found the sessions insightful and left with valuable takeaways for your work.

Please stay connected with us through our website and social media channels for updates on future events, resources, and opportunities. We look forward to seeing you again at our upcoming events.


Click here for Annual Conference Photos via Flickr