Publication: Breaking down barriers report

A report published by ACO looking at the stigma and barriers that may exist when it comes to individuals approaching charities for support.

Report by Hannah Canner (Nee Page)

Breaking down barriers – ACO Report

This report summarises and discusses our findings from surveying our member charities on what they believed were the key barriers to individuals approaching charities for support and causes of stigma.

It also looks at whether there are certain groups of individuals charities often find more difficult to reach and encourage to seek support, and shares a range of examples and case studies showing how charities are already working to tackle this stigma and break down any barriers to individuals approaching their charities for support.

We hope that in sharing this knowledge and some of the practical measures charities have already put in place it will help others looking to address these challenges within their own organisations.

An Executive Summary of our key findings and approaches recommended by charities surveyed can be found at the start of the report. We also recommend reading the full report for a more detailed look at the responses from our
research into the key barriers for individuals approaching charities for support, case studies from charities and more detail on how your charity can look to tackle the stigma that exists amongst individuals hesitant to approach a benevolent charity for support.

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