Winter and Energy bill support 

With the unprecedented rise in energy prices, C Supplies has been looking at ways to help you quickly deliver support to households who need it the most

To quote National Energy Action charity: “Millions will simply not be able to heat their homes this winter”

 With many people unable to cover the increase in energy bills, we understand how crucial charity support will be to many households across the UK in the months ahead

And with fuel poverty set to grow this Winter, we’ve looked at alternative products we could supply to help our customers to Save Costs.


One of the best products to save energy is the Air fryer.

Why buying an air fryer?

  •  Cook food up to 3 times faster than a conventional oven
  •  Save up to 50% on energy bills
  •  Air frying uses 80% less oil than traditional frying methods
  •  Food can be cooked directly from frozen
  • Save energy costs and cook food faster.

We have produced reports to calculate the energy savings and with an air fryer you can save up to £260 per year, when using it instead of the conventional oven.


1) Energy cost difference between conventional oven and selected Air Fryers based upon average consumer usage levels
2) Energy cost difference between conventional oven and selected Air Fryer models for specific foods
3) Energy percentage difference between different Air Fryer models